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David Watkins is Head of Maths at a school in Devon. He is married with two children and a dog. He really doesn’t watch much television (although The Walking Dead gets a look in). Follow him on Twitter: @joshfishkins and you can buy his first novel The Original’s Return from www.undiscoveredwriters .com. It’s only £1.99 and every copy sold helps move him one step further away from the clutches of Mr Gove.

“So, you’ve written a book?”
I try not to sigh, I know what’s coming next.
“What’s it about then?”
“It’s a thriller. It’s got werewolves in it.”
“So it’s a horror book then?”
“No, it’s a thriller.”
“Does anyone get eaten?”
“Well, um, yes.”
“So it is a horror book then.”
“Not really, more fast-paced thriller than jump out of your seat and wet your pants.”
“I see.”
“Well, there are spiders in it. They’re a bit scary.”
“So, what’s it about again?”
“The army want to try and harness the power of werewolves to improve their chances on the battlefield. Unfortunately the one they choose just might be the most powerful werewolf in existence.”
“Can I get it in Waterstones?”
“No. It’s self-published via a website called Undiscovered Writers.”
“Can I get it on Amazon?”
“Not yet, no.”
“Why not?”
“There’s something like 3000 new books published on Amazon every week. Statistically the odds of someone finding my book are not good.”
“What, like one in a million?”
“Kind of.”
“Hang on, aren’t you a teacher?”
“A maths teacher?”
“Well, that’s pretty scary.”
Good joke, pity I’ve heard it about a million times already. “What’s scary?”
“Maths. I was no good at it myself.”
“Maths isn’t scary.”
“Yes it is. All that a+a and that. Two apples and three bananas, what does that make?”
“Well, it makes two apples and three bananas. You see, you can’t add-”
“I was just joking.”
“I know.”
“So, I always thought you teachers were busy. How did you write a book?”
“One word at a time.”
“Ha! I see what you’ve done there. Seriously, how did you find the time?”
“I don’t watch X-factor. Or Strictly. Or any soaps. It’s amazing how that time builds up.”
“You don’t watch X- factor? What do you talk to the kids about?”

This is a conversation I have fairly regularly. I have written a book and it is not about Maths (although Pythagoras gets a mention, it just seemed rude not to include him somewhere). I would class it as a thriller/horror hybrid but apparently that’s not ‘sexy’. As it’s not about teenage girls falling in love with a mythic creature (in this case a werewolf) then it is not really mainstream. I wrote it because I wanted to, I had a story to tell and didn’t really think about things like ‘target audience’ or ‘marketability’: I just wanted to entertain myself and anyone else who might want to read it.
Perhaps that person is you.

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2 comments on “Take a look at this undiscovered novelist who also happens to be a Mathematician – A Writer Writes
  1. Michael Milford says:

    Congratulations on finishing a book – no mean feat.

    You mention you have a “touch” of math in it – you might be interested in a more math-focused novel I’ve just launched as Kickstarter project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1740916372/maths-thriller

  2. Dave Watkins says:

    Hi, a lot has happened since I first wrote this blog entry. Firstly, the book is now available on Amazon Kindle for £1.83 and also as a proper book for £7.99. The wish to escape Michael Gove’s clutches is still as strong as ever however…

    Click here for more information


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