Take a look at this 10 x 10 Hundred Grid Scanner Tool Resource!

10 x 10 Hundred Grid Scanner Tool

Take a look at this great resource to develop the understanding of place value, addition, subtraction and number bonds. It took a while to create my own version of the resource but you can make your own if you want.

Create a 10 x 10 hundred grid and create a template scanner with flaps to traverse through the numbers on the hundred grid. Pupils will be able try and solve the calculation highlighted on the flaps and then lift it up to check if they were correct. The tool is great when introducing a 100 number grid and teaching number bonds but I can see many other uses for it. Make sure the flaps match the exact size of each of the cells on the number grid and ensure you use coloured card for maximal impact.

This idea can be extended by investigating n x n grids and would make a great observation lesson. Comments are FREE, please leave one below and let everyone know how you use the idea and resource.

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