Ssshhhh, Don’t tell anyone about these Maths Department Secret Santa Gifts!

Ssshhhh, Don’t tell anyone about these Maths Department Secret Santa Gifts!

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Maths Department Secret Santa Gift Buying guide

It’s hit me time and time again recently the massive importance of working with a team you get on with well and respect.  I know this isn’t always the case, and there are many sad stories of workplace bullies or adults who are unpleasant and unprofessional adults in the workplace.

I’m very happy to be working in a team that are friendly and enjoy spending time with each other as well as being hardworking and professional, so with Christmas looming what better than to put together a Secret Santa maths department gift guide!

I’ve posted a few of these recently on my feed (@mrskimmckee) and had a few questions about where these were from, so I’ve included them in more detail here.

Gift guide: Cards

I love a good Christmas card, and if you’re after a special mathematical card, then Etsy is often a first port of call for fantastic homemade and crafted gifts.

These cards below are all from and range from £2-£4 each, plus postage.

(There’s also a fab range of geeky wrapping paper, labels and ribbon too!)

card-1 card-2

card-3 card-4

Gift Guide: Stocking fillers


Christmas tree decoration polyhedral – £5.51


Geeky maths pencils (I love the one with the Fibonacci sequence on) – £7.50


The Happy Puzzle Company have a great range of 3D puzzles for £2-£3 each like below.

Gift Guide: Mugs

It is a well-known truth that a mug for a teaching colleague will always be well received!

Here is a small selection of ones that made me chuckle, but I could honestly devote an entire blog to funny maths mugs …

mug1 mug2

mug3 mug4

 Mugs from a selection at

mug5 mug6

Mugs from a selection at


My favourite – from

Gift Guide: Presents

Secret Santa gifts, in my humble opinion, should be cheap and cheerful and even better if they’re a bit nerdy and funny too …


Maths socks from


You can’t go wrong with an emoji poo cushion – from a selection on


Equation watch from (pricey though)

I hope this blog on the super important issue of what secret Santa gift to buy your colleague has come in handy and given you some inspiration!

Please tweet me @mrskimmckee with your favourite secret Santa gift ideas (because I can’t use any of these now I’ve posted them online!)

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