Smart watches in the classroom or do not bring smart watch devices to school?

Smart Watch in the classroom vs Smart Watch Device banned in school

Having purchased a Sony Smart Watch 3 recently I have decided to write a post on whether we should allow these devices in the classroom as a learning tool or tell pupils to leave their smart devices outside of school. Having used one for a week now and have on occasions felt like Michael Knight (All the oldies will know what I mean) have realised that this potentially will be a big issue in classrooms in the next couple of years. Schools who actively promote BYODs should not have any problems but schools that have banned devices in the classroom will need to rethink their policies on smart watches.

Sony Mobile SWR50 SmartWatch 3 Fitness and Activity Tracker Wrist Watch Compatible with Android 4.3+ Smartphones - Black

I am sure used effectively these smart watches can be used as a engaging learning tool in the classroom. I am interested to see if anyone has already started to use smart watches in the classroom.

smart watch knight rider

Top Smart Watch Educational Apps on Android Wear and Apple Watch

I have had a look at the google play and apple app stores, and there are not many educational apps for smart watches but I am hoping that developers are in the process of developing engaging and effective apps as we speak.  I intend to post a list of the best educational smart watch apps soon.

I wanted to see other peoples views on this topic so if you have one please leave a comment below.

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  1. Marie says:

    Yes, they could become an effective tool in the classroom for those who have one. However, I feel the negative implications out way the benefits. My worry is the recording of people/children out of context & knowledge, recording them in inappropriate situations. Also, isolating those in class who can’t or parents won’t keep up with expensive new trend.

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