Should I get a Math Tutor for my child? Is Math tutoring effective? ::UPDATED::

Should I get a Math Tutor?

As a Maths teacher, during parents evening I am always asked “should I get a Math Tutor for my child”? I try to avoid answering this question as there are many different factors to take into consideration when deciding whether to get a Math tutor. You might even be thinking about what should I look for in a Math tutor if I am going to look at Math tutoring for my child.

Although it is a difficult question to answer my response to the question is one that sits on the fence. However, to help you decide how you could respond  or if you are a parent looking for online Math tutor here are some advantages and disadvantages of arranging Maths Tutoring for your child;

Advantages of getting a Math Tutor

  • Teachers are forced to provide a general teaching level that fits most pupils in the class.
  • Pupils with special challenges need more individual attention and help from a Math Tutor that understands their personal situation.
  • Pupils with exceptional abilities need the individual stimulation and extra stretch provided by a private Math Tutor. The Math tutor encourages people to learn new things, helps them get started, and helps them keep going.
  • A Math tutor can also save valuable time by providing hints and guidance in the right direction.
  • A Math tutor can show you new perspectives, and show you new ways of doing things that will make a difference in all areas of your life.
  • A Math tutor can also introduce you to a wonderful world of fascinating concepts to explore and play with to your hearts content.

Disadvantages of getting a Math Tutor

  • Pupils do not develop independent learning skills as the Math Tutor sometimes does all the thinking
  • Pupils get dependent on Math Tutor
  • Responsibility for learning is placed on the Maths Tutor and pupil blames his/her Math Tutor for lack of progress
  • Pupil does not develop resiliency skills
  • A Math Tutor would be required at every other level – GCSE, A-LEVEL. DEGREE
  • Financial burden of a Math Tutor
  • The Time and Cost of Math Tutor

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