Revision Universe: A great website for KS3 and GCSE Revision

Reverse Universe, one of the newest and fastest-growing revision websites around. We have worksheets, revision notes, videos, tutorials and programs for KS3 and GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History and new sections in Computing and French will be up online in the next few weeks. All of these resources can be downloaded, printed and photocopied for free! We also have featured sections such as ‘Word of the Week’, ‘Reading List’, ‘Revision Tips’ and many more.

The Unique Selling Point though is the fact that we do revision resources on demand. This means that if you want revision resources on a certain topic such as Factorising Equations and it isn’t already on the website, then we will produce some material on Factorising Equations for you and email them to you in a few working days for absolutely free! This tool is very handy because it enables students to revise specific topics that they may struggle at without being lost in a textbook or searching hopelessly online for a few hints or tips.

We have also started running an email newsletter service which contains the latest info, revision tips and news about education and Revision Universe.

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I hope you will all enjoy the benefits of my site and keep coming back for more,

Arnav Rawat

Revision Universe


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