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Math videos created by children for children?

I have worked with some seriously talented mathematicians in my teaching career and they are all aged 11 or under. They just see Maths differently, you can see it in their eyes and how they explain strategies to you and their peers. For me, it isn’t the answers you get from a child, or the strategies they use, it is how they explain the strategy and their thinking. I have observed children struggling with a concept explained by an outstanding teacher but when they speak to a child that really understands it, they can explain it in a way that no teacher could. Maybe it is the voice they use, the tone of voice maybe or it could be the fact that someone of the same age can tap into the other child’s thinking. They just know how to word it so the child understands exactly.

I tried to tap into this resource when I was teaching, asking children to take the plenary when I knew they could explain the strategy they have just used excellently, rather than just giving an answer. It is these moments that make the child come alive. They love sharing their answers, their thinking and ultimately, their talents.

Math videos created by children

This is where the next step of my journey is taking me. I have been so interested in children and their mathematical thinking that I now want to share their talents with other people. I set up the We Can Academy to do just that. I want to create a series of math videos, created by the children, explaining a certain Mathematical strategy. My hope is that other teachers will be able to use the math videos to share with their classes and that the child who created the film can see how many times it has been viewed. How would a child feel knowing they their thinking is being shared with other children? If you want to find out more email or follow @WeCanAcademy

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