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There are number of ways of testing your intelligence on the internet but this this is another great starter or plenary activity for a plans of elevation lesson. If you get some time please check out “How many triangles do you see”? intelligence test as well. Leave your answer to the intelligence test question in the comments section below or tweet the answer to @magicalmaths

Test your intelligence below by answering the question which one is the plan view? Most people get this one wrong, did you? The great majority of people say C, is this correct? Why?

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Plans of elevation

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  1. Tuanhero says:

    First i count the square than i count inside of the square

  2. Aurora says:

    C is the correct answer.

  3. avalancha says:

    It’s C!!!

  4. Rhizopus Stolonifer says:

    All of them.

  5. solmaz from azerbaycan says:

    It’s C

  6. fulubba says:

    its c isn’t it

  7. Arslan mustfa says:

    D mcq is correct

  8. B. Fuller says:


  9. Bobby says:

    The entire thing is the plan. Plans change haha

  10. priyanka says:

    it is ‘c’ corercct isnt it

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