Make your colleagues smile! This is the best Teacher appreciation idea ever!

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

I found this idea posted on reddit by yukkonkimmy and will be giving it a go some time this year. It works like this;

“I select a day out of form and talk about appreciation and gratitude. I assign my students to make a card for or write a letter to one “educator” they want to thank. I say “educator” because it might be admin or a parapro or secretary. It does not have to be a current teacher although ideally someone in the school to make life easier.  As they are making them, if I notice that one of the teachers is not getting any, I will ask a couple of students to make one for them. Usually, students will want to make one for each of their teachers. I’m good with that as long as they are done within the class period.

what should I buy my teacher as a end of year thank you gift

what should I buy my teacher as a end of year thank you gift

I will then collect and sort all of the letters. Make sure to skim them to make sure they are appropriate and nice. On Teacher Appreciation Day, I deliver all the letters across the school. By delivering them, no teacher knows how many any other teacher received. I have kept each and every card I’ve received, but the big payoff to me is being able to brighten the day of my colleagues who may need a boost.”

What a great idea to put a smile on the faces of your colleagues and teach pupils to appreciate their educators!

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