Magical Educator NEEDS YOU!!!! Yes YOU! Be a #guestblogger and part of #teammagicaleducators!

Magical Educator NEEDS YOU!!!! Yes YOU! Be a #guestblogger and part of #teammagicaleducators!

Guest Bloggers

First of all, thank you to all the guest bloggers/ contributors/ subscribers/ admins who have made the Magical Educator Website such a great success to date. You all make the website what it is! you are #teammagicalmaths!

The magical educator team is always looking for new bloggers/contributors/admins to help manage, create content and review products and services!!  We have had over 500+ guest bloggers since our inception and we look forward to more contributing to the site. Could this possibly be you?

If you would like to be a guest blogger and contribute to the wonderful world of Magical Educator then please email or tweet a direct message to us with your contact details so one of the team can set you up with a username and password.

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How does it work?

Once you contact us with a request to be a guest blogger, you will be set up as a site “contributor”. A username and password will be automatically sent to you within 30 minutes. If this does not arrive please contact us a.s.a.p or check your spam folder, as normally, it ends up there.

After you log in successfully you can start to create your article. Once you have submitted the article contact us again and one of the editorial team will start the process of getting your work published. If any changes need to be made then you will be consulted but we aim to get your article published within 24 hours at an optimal time.

Once published your article will be exposed to thousands of educators around the globe and they will have an opportunity to interact with you via the comments section on your article.

What do I write about?

Remember that you do not have to be a Mathematician to be a guest blogger on the site, and can blog about anything you want as long as it is educational related, here are some ideas;

Suggested and desired articles from our editors
  • Summary Article on the History of Mathematics
  • Review of KS2 Level 6 books
  • Review of KS3 Books
  • Review of KS5 Books
  • Review of Iphone/Android Math Apps
  • Trainee reflections on teaching Mathematics
  • Teaching Mathematics in Singapore

Some Examples of our most recent guest blogs can be found guest posts or take a look at the tweets below.


We look forward to you joining #teammagicaleducators!

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2 comments on “Magical Educator NEEDS YOU!!!! Yes YOU! Be a #guestblogger and part of #teammagicaleducators!
  1. Louise says:

    After receiving an inbox from you on twitter I am interested in becoming a guest blogger for you. I am new to twitter (and never done a blog before) and back with my new class in September. I am in my 3rd year of teaching and use google classroom a lot. Thank you .

    Miss❤️Messy science@wonderwomanLH

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