Look at what the OfSTED inspector said about you, Amazing!

Look at what the OfSTED inspector said about you, Amazing!
ofsted outstanding

So you just had an OfSTED inspection, and you are not happy with the result of the feedback from your lesson observation! Do not worry you are not alone as this is a very common occurrence within the teaching profession and although I am someone who is pro OfSTED I will not go into the debate about the positives and negatives about OfSTED and it’s framework and schedule. However, you must remember that the feedback you have received from your OfSTED inspector is only a snapshot of your teaching. Your feedback can not be used as part of your appraisal and will be put on your file. So relax, draw a line under the experience, learn from it, and get on with the profession you love doing!

This post is primarily focusing on how teachers and educational practitioners can now with the use of the freedom of information act to access their official written feedback. Any teacher who has been inspected recently has always had the right to apply to see the evaluation form that was filled in about them.

ofsted outstanding

ofsted outstanding

The procedure is very simple, and explained on the Ofsted site here. Simply email enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk and supply them with the following information;

  1. Name
  2. Home address
  3. School
  4. Date of lesson
  5. Time of lesson
  6. Year group
  7. Name of inspector
  8. Subject
  9. Details of lesson content

Include a photocopy of your driving license as proof of identy. There is no charge to you and the disclosure should approximately take no more than  40 days after OfSTED receive your request. It is paramount that you do this do this very quickly because the evidence documents from a school inspection is destroyed 6 months after the publication of a report!!

Let me know how it goes @magicalmaths

One comment on “Look at what the OfSTED inspector said about you, Amazing!
  1. Rob Butler (@cleverfiend) says:

    I’ve done this several times for our HMI visits and scanned examples of what you get back are on my website

    It’s also worth noting that Ofsted only keep this information for six months following publication of the inspection report.

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