Intelligence Test >> Let’s see how intelligent you are >> How many triangles do you see?

Intelligence Test >> Let’s see how intelligent you are >> How many triangles do you see?
how many triangles

Intelligence Test

Now there are loads of ways of test your intelligence but this  is a great starter for a shape and space Maths lesson. Let’s see how intelligent you are, how many triangles do you see? This would make a great plenary to a Maths lesson too!

Look at the diagram below and see how many triangles do you see?

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Also, make sure to checkout the resource for the animated solution to the “how many triangles do you see?” problem

how many triangles

how many triangles

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51 comments on “Intelligence Test >> Let’s see how intelligent you are >> How many triangles do you see?
  1. Jennifer says:

    What’s the answer

  2. John willis says:

    There are 14 triangles. The obvious 9 triangles. The triangle which encases all the triangles, which counts for 1. The top 4 triangles which counts as 1. The 4 left bottom triangles which count for 1. The bottom 4 right triangles which count for 1. And the word “triangles” in the sentence which counts for 1. That equals 14

    • magicalmaths says:

      Thanks for taking the time to answer! Will post an. Answer soon.

    • cp says:

      Nice try John…but the word “triangles” is NOT a TRIANGLE, its a word…and a PLURAL word at that. FAIL.

      • Ella says:

        Haha u are right. Mot to be mean but John, u need to use your brain

        • Ella says:

          It’s clear that I can’t type very well tonight!! I don’t think mot is a word soooooooo……

        • Ella says:

          14 is not the answer never has been, never will be. If people think triangle the WORD is a shape, well I think you need to go back to 1st grade and get your education. Have commen sence, the word doesn’t count. I’m only in 5th grade, and honestly I’m not the smartest cookie on the block but saying that there is 14?!?! That not even in the choices!!!!

          • sylvia smith says:

            There was never anything specifying what type of triangle we were to seek. I say 14 for the same reason as published above. If this is not allowed there would only be 13… I say 14

          • saedie says:

            Haha I’m 12 and I knew that

          • Samara says:

            There are 14 actual triangles because there is a little black one in the middle thats hardly visible unless you really look but if you count words there are 15

    • Sandra says:

      Ahaha John, that is so stupid. You know very well what they mean. And if you want to do it your way, then there are actually 16 triangles! LoL!!!

    • Ella says:

      There is no way that there could be 24

    • Jose says:

      I agree with you john. This is an intellegence test and there are 14 triangles in the pic 15 in the one in the blog. People saying your stupid for seeing the right answer show their intelligence. If it said how many triangles are in the pic below the answer would be 13. But it’s says exactly “how many triangles are there??” If you ask that the whole answer would be 13 triangles in shape form and one “triangles” in word form for a total of 14 triangles total. They need to ask the question better if they want 13 to be the correct answer

      • sylvia smith says:

        Agreed. I say that the wording stipulates that we were searching for triangle(s). The fact that there are more than 1 is what speaks to us looking for triangle(s). There was no differentiation stating we were to look for “triangle(s)”. Words or shapes were not mentioned…This leaves us to say there are 14 in total.

        • Brenden Brooks says:

          actually if you’re going to go that in depth, you also would have to include the triangle that occurs in the center of the number 4 in the answer key. This would bring the total to 15. including all 13 in the real test, the word triangle, and the small one in the answer key.

    • Andrew says:

      Very clever and out of the box thinking. 1/1 for creativity 0/9 for interpreting the question.

  3. Aurora says:

    I agree with John, 14 is the correct answer.

    • jsmith says:

      ugh,! got a problem with 14, only counted 13, and the highest option is 13.

    • Sandra says:

      NO! lol… there are only 13 triangles. The words don’t count and the highest option is 13. And if you want to count words, then the correct answer is 16 not 14. Wow… lol

    • Bobby Thrash says:

      14 is not an option for an answer, how could it be?

  4. Vivek Kandathil says:

    There are 13 total triangles: the whole triangle (1), each small one (9), and the 3 triangles that contain 4 small triangles.

  5. bigdog says:

    there are 10 triangles 1 large and 9 inside

  6. bigdogdc says:

    there are 10 triangles 1 large triangle and 9 inside that, 1 at the top, 3 in the middle and 5 at the bottom.

  7. J Hopkln says:

    Only an english major would say 14. Word tricks can be funny but not mathematical or tests of intelligence. Cleverness perhaps. 13 is the correct answer.

    • Jose says:

      I’m in school for mechanical engineering and I got 14 also? So that’s a no go on you opinion, it’s called the answer it didn’t ask how many triangles in the pic below? it says “how many triangles are there?? If you ask that question without assuming or prejudging anything you look and see 13 “triangles” in shape form and 1 “triangles” in the question for a total of 14. I think it’s fairly obvious and something this simple wouldn’t test ones intelligence just by counting triangles.

  8. greg says:

    NO, there are 15. look at the overlapping lower ones.

  9. Billy Singleton says:

    There are thirteen triangles. The whole triangle plus the obvious nine plus the top, bottom left and bottom right triangles each containing four of the small triangles. Fourteen is incorrect…for one reason it is not one of the options. And it would be silly to consider a word a triangle.

    • Ty says:

      There are the 9 obvious. Then 4 on the top as 1 the four on the left count as 1 the one on the right counts as one. There are also to in the bottom right hand and left hand corner if you turn your phone upside down and the word triangle so there are 16

  10. remy says:


    • SurprisedATtheSTUPIDITY says:

      And, clearly the eyes see 13.

    • Jose says:

      Um no… Actually it says exactly “how many triangles are there?? Let’s see how smart you are? Never does it ask how many do you see. Read things slower so you understand what your talking about and don’t look like a fool.

    • Andrew says:

      Remy…I SEE an infinite number of triangles when I cross my eyes. Seeing is not always an accurate method of determination.

      BTW – don’t yell 😉

  11. sandye says:

    What’s the answer

  12. mesha says:


  13. Mr Maths says:

    A great powerpoint to show my pupils the answer! Thanks for that, finally something to demonstrate a proper answer!

  14. Hanna says:

    There are thirteen cause there are three larger triangle inside 9 smaller triangles inside and 1 big triangles outside so its 13

  15. Gabriel says:


  16. Laura says:

    What is all the debate about there are 13 triangles.

  17. sylvia smith says:

    If u number the triangles 1-9 here is how I come up with 14: the word triangle(s) would be #1…the whole puzzle would be #2…#’s 1234 would be #3… #’s 2567 would be #4… #’s…4789 would be #5…and #’s 1 thru 9 individually would make up #’s 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 and 14

    1+1+1+1+1+9 = 14…Voila!

  18. Lian Li says:

    14? No wonder Americans are dead last in Mathematics.

    • Phillip says:

      Or if your timing by 3 it would be three times 13 which would be 39. or in a real triangle that has five sides it would be 5 times 13 which would be 65 but that would make it a pyramid lol..

  19. Phillip says:


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