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Help with fractions

So you are looking for help with fractions, then why not develop this mathematical skill by getting your learners to play this great mathcing equivalent fractions activity. All credit and Thanks goes to flashymaths.co.uk. There are also loads of other maths games on the site that you can get your pupils to play to develop their mathematical skills.

I have used this fractions matching activity in the past and it works great to engage the learners at the start of fraction related lesson! Put the learners in groups or they can work in pairs in an ICT room to match the equivalent fractions.

There are also some great physical resources available online on help with fractions that you can buy, and are very useful in any learning environment. Comments are FREE, please give the resources a go and let us know!

help with fractions

Matching Equivalent Fractions Activity

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Fraction Matcher Starter Game

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