How to Write a Great Essay – 6 Useful Tips

How to Write a Great Essay – 6 Useful Tips

Useful Tips for Easy Essay Writing and Proofreading

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How to Write a Great Essay – 6 Useful Tips

Have you ever written an essay? We are sure that most of you will say yes. But was it easy rather than challenging? Probably, yes. That is because many students have no clue how to write a perfect essay to impress their teacher or they just write all essays using a template without any interest in the process.

Actually, you have to understand that essay writing can be even exciting if you have motivation. And when you have support, everything becomes more pleasant. You can ask a friend, teacher or college for help. Moreover, all resources on the Internet are working for you, and UK essay buy are always ready to offer a high-quality essay for a reasonable price. Different situations can happen in life, but you still can count on a paper writing service to make your life easier.

Choose an Interesting Topic

The topic is the base of your whole essay. If something goes wrong at this stage, that doesn’t bode well. So, you should be very serious when you are choosing a topic and think carefully about it. You have to be burning with ideas and be excited. Otherwise, you will be dreaming about the end of this torment.


If you hesitate and don’t know which topic you have to pick, define the purpose of the paper. Is it informative or persuasive? Choose the best one and start from there. Pick something you know really well if it is an informative essay. Go with the topic you are passionate about to write a great persuasive paper. It will help you to make the right choice.

Make an Outline

Good planning is key to success. It will save time and help you to organize work. Moreover, you won’t forget anything crucial, if you write it down. Let’s see how to do it easily:


  • Write down the main topic at the top of a page
  • Point your thoughts below, but leave space under each one
  • Add in smaller ideas associated with the main ones


After that, you can add more and more suggestions to develop your topic fully. Remember that you have to find strong arguments and support them with corresponding evidence. Only in this way, your essay will be successful.

Follow the Structure

There are three main parts in every essay: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Depending on the type or the paper, there can be an abstract, citation list or references as well.


  • The introduction. The aim of this paragraph is to grab the reader’s attention and introduce the main thesis.
  • The body. It is 3-4 paragraphs long, where you have to develop the main topic, provide evidence, discuss or explain, depending on your aim.
  • The conclusion. This paragraph summarizes all arguments and restates the main claim.


So, you see that there is a pretty easy structure, which you have to follow. Remember, that all their parts have to be logically related.

Read Similar Essays

If you don’t know where to start or what to say, you can read other essays. It can help you to understand your topic better. You can pick some interesting information or make a presentation. It will prompt how to find the right structure if you hesitate.

It doesn’t mean that you have to copy someone’s paper, but it can hint you. You should remember that everybody loves unique papers. Moreover, your paper will be checked for plagiarism. So, if you want to save your time and nerves, don’t plagiarize someone’s else essay.

Quote Good Authority

You have to show that you have read a lot of literature and resources to conduct this research. Quotations is a good way to prove it. Furthermore, a quote of some famous person can be used as an additional argument. It will be a great decision to support your ideas with authority ideas, especially if they are aligned.

If you write an essay on physics, quote Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton to impress your teacher and so on. It is a great way to stand out.

Proofread Carefully

Remember that you should proofread your essay, anyway. Many students have lost their high grades because of simple mistakes. Therefore, it would be better to read it even a couple of times. If you have someone, who can do it instead of you, do it! You can skip your own mistakes, but another person would see them. Moreover, you can use an online service which can check your paper for mistakes.

So, here we are, now you know how to make your essay really good. Follow these pretty simple tips, and you won’t regret it. Without a doubt, you will definitely succeed at studying, because writing will become like an interesting funny game instead of a boring torture!

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