How to get your kids into a Grammar Independent School? Great preparation advice in “11 plus Exams” – Parents! Get a Grip”

Advice for the 11 plus

So your child is in the process of preparing for the 11 plus exams and you are worried about what to do, when to do it and most importantly how to do it.

11 plus Exams – Parents! Get a Grip” is a book written by Foluke Sangobowale that is full of great tips and advice for all parents interested in sending their children to a grammar school or an Independent one. Read about how to get to grip with preparing your children for the 11+ exams and going through the tough application process.

The feedback for the book has been fantastic and the reviews are worth a read before purchasing! The book can be purchased here!

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Top Tips for 11+ Exams Grammar Independent Schools

Top Tips for 11+ Exams Grammar Independent Schools

11 plus book description

This book is certain to change the experience of many parents who struggle to find simplified and handy information about the 11+ exams and process. The exams are normally taken in the last year of Primary school in the UK and if passed, it gives children the choice and opportunity to attend UK’s top Grammar or Independent schools. The veil of secrecy that surrounds the 11+ process is lifted and demystified. Get tips on preparing for and excelling in the 11+ exams along with advice on the best Secondary school options, useful revision resources, types of tutoring and the facts about applying for bursaries, scholarships or educational grants. Discover the steps involved in making applications to leading UK Grammar and Independent schools. Also find out about how to complete the Common Application Form (CAF). You can also read about the author’s personal 11+ experience and much more..

11 plus book reviews

11+ Exams Parents! Get a Grip (Paperback)

By (author):  Foluke Sangobowale

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