How to cheat or hack manga high homework :: UPDATED ::

Mangahigh is a very important part of our numeracy strategy. We organise two maths inter-form competitions every year using  Mangahigh games. We also use Mangahigh as part of our online homework and in-class tasks. Gifted and Talented students are also set tasks as part of their weekly targets.

We have also have Y11 and 10  intervention adopt some  Mangahigh activities and this seems to work very well!

The question that everyone asks online is there any cheats or hacks for manga high, well ……..

manga high

12 comments on “How to cheat or hack manga high homework :: UPDATED ::
  1. brandon pedwell says:

    help me my teacher is slaving me away with homework

  2. julien says:


  3. edilson says:

    is there any cheats

    • hiyoko says:

      when i do my homework i go through the questions and i use a calculator until i get to extreme and the i copy down the right answers and if i get a wrong question i look at the right answer at the end and keep trying i got 22,560 points on my ladt one :£

    • jswags says:


  4. Arielle says:

    I heard there was a hack but it was already fixed. Its like changing your computer time, so it looks like you still have many days

  5. Ezra says:

    Awesome hack

  6. Oliver says:

    My teacher gives me way too many of them

  7. Kaytlin says:

    I love this hack

  8. Kaytlin says:

    I love this hack so much

  9. hayden says:

    my teachers are assigning impossible work. can u help me?

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