How do I work effectively with my Teaching Learning Support Assistant in the classroom?

How do I work effectively with my Teaching Learning Support Assistant in the classroom? 

Making sure that you work effectively with your Teacher Assistant  or Learning Support Assistant is paramount to success in the classroom. There are many things to consider when planning and delivering a lesson that involves support. Building a good relationship with your teaching assistant and making them feel part of your team of delivering learning goes a long way to ensure that all learners make the adequate progress.

Below is a summary of some of the key components to remember when working with your TA or LSA;

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Make sure at the beginning of the lesson you go over the learning objectives for SEN students;

  • What do you want the students achieve from the lesson?
  • Deployment of the support
  • Any student that you may be particularly concerned about that you would like the support to focus on?
  • Share ideas with the support they will know the students well and may have some good advice.

Support Teacher Learning Assistant

Behaviour for Learning

  • You should have a clear agreement about class expectations and the role of the support.
  • The expectation of the TA is to support the learning of student.

Seating Plan

  • The support has a good knowledge of the students and it maybe worth asking for advice on the seating plan
  • Remember that the support does not want to disrupt your lesson by walking across the classroom when you are teaching.
  • Ensure that the SEN students are in easy access for the support.

Feedback and evaluation at the end of the lesson

  • Spend 5 minutes at the end of the lesson with the support to find out how the students achieved in the lesson?
  • There may also be an opportunity during the lesson to check in with the support about pupil progress.
  • Keep the support informed; planning for the next lesson.
  • Avoid the support becoming an overgrown pupil especially if they don’t have prior notice of the lesson.

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