How do I set cover work when teacher is absent?

Teacher absence is sometimes unavoidable but it is paramount to phone in and set cover work for learners.

Cover work should;

  • Be set the night before absence or by phoning in the morning as soon as possible.
  • The cover work should be set at the right target level.
  • The work set should not be of a practical nature, unless you are sure that a qualified member of staff will be taking the lesson
  • Make sure that the work set is stimulating and challenging and also fits into the current scheme of work

As classroom behaviour tends to be an issue during cover, a strategy is to make the cover supervisor fills in a feedback form to document any issues during the lesson so that they can be subsequently be dealt with your return.

In the case that you are taking a longer leave of absence, a scheme of work might be defined or a series of lessons and worksheets created. In any case the work should be clearly labelled with easy to follow instructions. For example when my mentor was away for 3 weeks during my B placement, he created a folder of worksheets for all his lesson, for every day that he was a away, with every day having a clear set of instructions and feedback form.


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