Top 10 ways of making learning your times tables fun?

Top 10 ways of making learning your times tables fun?

Top 10 ways of making learning your times tables fun?

“How do I make learning your times tables fun?” is a question asked by many Mathematics educators.

This blog will be ongoing as I find different resources that educators have used and found effective to promote the engagement and learning of times tables. Please feel free to add your own resources by commenting below;

Before you see any of the top 5 below have you seen probably the best way to get your pupils addicted to learning their times tables. Let us know what you think?

1. Beat the clock tables

Thanks to

This has been the most successful resource I have found so far as it is a times table game that encourages competition. Select the difficulty of the game and allow a small low ability group to all  get an opportunity to better their time and score.

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2) Carol Vorderman’s Times Tables Book (Made Easy)

This is a great little book to engage young learners with their time tables. Carol Vorderman’s Times Tables Book (Made Easy) is a book endorsed by Carol Vorderman and I have used in the past to introduce young learners to times tables. Let me know what you think!

3) Learn the tables with Songs and Games

Times Tables: Learn the Tables with Songs and Games is an alternative way to get learners to learn their times tables. Get learners to sing songs and play games and more importantly have fun when they are learning their times tables. Please make sure you leave a comment below about what you think!

4) Snap Cubes

For the kinaesthetic learner Snap Cubes® (Set of 100) are brilliant as making the learner engage in their times tables. Use the different colours to group sets of numbers to show multiplication. This is a great “touchy” and “feely” way of learning times tables. Plus these snap cubes are so much fun!!! Worth every penny!

5) Moon Maths Tables

Thanks to @moonmaths

 This is a fun engaging game to get low ability learners to engage in their time tables. Select the difficulty of the question and then hit the alien to answer the question.

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2 comments on “Top 10 ways of making learning your times tables fun?
  1. Liz Hall says:

    Thanks for those. Anything that helps with tables is much appreciated! There are some other nice times tables games at

    My favourite of them is ‘Santa and the Great Toy Roundup’. Worth a look.

  2. Liz Hall says:

    Sorry – not sure my message went through because I did add a URL. I was trying to point you in the direction of some games that I have found really useful. If you go to Google and type ‘What2Learn times tables games’ and open the ‘Times tables games’ page at What2Learn (coming up as the second result for me) there a three nice games there. My favourite is ‘Santa and the Great Toy Roundup’.

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