How do I choose a Math Tutor? Choosing a Math Tutor?

How do I choose a Math Tutor?

A common question I am asked by parents and pupils is “How do I choose the right Math Tutor for my child?” or “What makes a good Math Tutor?”, “How do I know my child is making progress with his Math Tutor?” or even “Should I get a Math tutor?“. So this post is one for those who are looking for a Math Tutor for their child or themselves and need some advice on making the correct decision. Choosing a Math Tutor can be a daunting experience as the tutor normally will charge a substantial amount of money for their Maths Tutoring services, so you want to get it right.

Things to consider when choosing a Math tutor

There are many advantages and disadvantages to maths tutoring and in the current climate the financial component is a great factor in the decision of taking a Math tutor on. If the learner can do without a Math tutor then a great deal of money could be saved. Here are a few things you should think about when selecting a Math Tutor;

how to choose a math tutor

  1. Does the Maths Tutor have the relevant experience?
  2. Does the Maths Tutor have good communication skills?
  3. Does the Maths Tutor have a CRB check and is allowed to work with children?
  4. Does the Maths Tutor have his or her own resources?
  5. Does the Maths Tutor travel to locations or do you have to travel to the Maths Tutor?
  6. How much does the Maths Tutor charge?
  7. Can I afford the Maths Tutor charges?
  8. Does the Maths Tutor have references from previous students?
  9. Does the Maths Tutor have a good track record in getting results?
  10. Does my child really need a Maths Tutor or is it a deeper underlying issue that can be resolved at school?
  11. Can I be a Maths Tutor to my child?

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3 comments on “How do I choose a Math Tutor? Choosing a Math Tutor?
  1. Daniel says:

    Some important questions to ask. Good post.

  2. Wayne says:

    Care needs to be taken balancing cost effective tutors vs effective tutors. Some maths tutor can simply be glorified baby sitters, especially down at the primary school level.

    I’ve written an entire blog on this topic (I’m a teacher and own a maths tuition company ]). Simplistically though, I believe a good maths tutor does the following:
    i) Motivates and
    ii) Provides Individualised Attention (extensive knowledge needed for senior and tertiary students)

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