NEW:: How do I cheat or hack on Mathletics Homework Task?

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So you want to know how to cheat on your Mathletics Maths homework and avoid a possible Maths detention! This is an interesting eye opener for teachers and Learners about online Maths homework set on Mathletics.  This hack gets all the answers for your maths homework and lets you get extra points and marks. Take a look at the 3 methods below, the third is the most recent method updated.

The First Method

I do have several pieces of advice that I have summarised below but beware that it might not be what you had hoped, but take a look anyway.  So you have been searching the web for the ability to hack the system to get all the answers to your maths Mathletics task!!!

Independently try and teach yourself the maths behind the task and you easily get full marks and get that all aspiring “free stuff” . In the long term it is in your best interest to learn the material and apply the knowledge as the hack below will not be able to help you in a Maths exam or later on in life. It is also very likely that the Mathletics team have already read this post and fixed the bug. I know because I have already submitted the links to them!!

The video is self explanatory but unfortunately pupils I have sent the bug to Mathletics to deal with, so by the time you read this it might have been fixed and you will not be able to easily do your maths homework. Why not ask your Maths teacher for help or get yourself a Maths tutor.

The Second method

The second method can be found on the next page.

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14 comments on “NEW:: How do I cheat or hack on Mathletics Homework Task?
  1. predator says:

    you should type the things down insted of you tube vids

  2. ashour says:

    I dont know how ta cheat help me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. poop says:

    lol i don’t

  4. Maddi says:

    Why cheat on your home work u know if you had say about 45% right last time and now 100% they wil know somthing up and u cheated so lol don’t cheat just do it

  5. jacky offy says:

    my eyes fell out

  6. BoB says:

    cool, nice one bra

  7. blah says:

    press CTRL+Enter

  8. Extermanater says:

    this really works i think that it is the BEST!!!

    i rate this 9 out of 10

  9. emma says:

    lol my mathletics is different

  10. Kyle Hall says:

    awesome dudes!1

  11. maddy says:

    guys there is no reason to cheat because if you don’t make mistakes you wont learn anything new!! 🙂

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