Have you seen this big calculator online? Free to download and use interactively in the classroom!

Guest Blogger: @malc_henderson

Free Online Graphing Calculator

When I started teaching my students how to use their calculator, standing at the front of the class holding one in my hands and asking them to find this button and that button.  Then going through instructions on how to use it to its potential.

Well when I was studying I bought a graphical calculator and got this handy emulator with it to display on a computer.

Link: Graphical Calculator FX9860

Well this works great if all your students have a graphical calculator, which as secondary school  teacher my students don’t.  Though great if teaching A-Level and above.

Big calculator online free

Free Online Scientific Calculator 

This made me think and look harder for the tool that replicates their calculator, and I came across this in my drive.

Link:  Casio Fx82es    (make sure all files are in the same location)

If you right click on this calculator a menu pops up in a different language  – 1st option is normal size, 2nd option enlarges the calculator , last option closes the emulator.

Big calculator online free

Perfect! Well that’s what I thought.  Out of this class I taught only one of them had a similar looking calculator, and my schools calculators are not Casio but Logik.  But to my success I did find a calculator emulator that has the buttons in exactly the same location as the schools Logik calculators.  Hurray!

Logik lookalike Calculator (though still a Casio)

It is a big file (10mb) and it does have some sort of advert to the right but that’s easily hidden if you move the calculator to the right.  Students asked me what it said at first (they no longer ask any more) but I still don’t know to this day.

By right clicking on the calculator you can show the screen display at a larger size – very useful for the students at the back of the classroom.

These emulators have enabled me to skip the questions

“where is that button?”

“I can’t find it?”

More time spent teaching and using the calculators effectively as a tool to their potential.

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  1. Lois says:

    What a brilliant find! I have bookmarked it ready to use in September. Thanks!

  2. Leanne says:

    Thanks for sharing – will definitely give this a go!

  3. Malcolm Henderson says:

    I found them over a year ago but was triggered from a previous blog to share via my dropbox. T Glad others will use them.

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