Have You Seen the Benefits for Maths in a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)?

Have You Seen the Benefits for Maths in a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)?

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Maths in a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)
If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have not been positive regarding the White Paper published recently. Continuing tweets led me to clarify that I am not opposed to academies or MATs as such, but rather the wider issues surrounding academisation and wider issues included in the White Paper such as land, teacher training routes and curriculum requirements.
I have had a positive experience in my one term in a MAT. There are significant advantages in being one of a group of schools. I’d like to pick out a few of the highlights of this term.

Subject Development

I am a maths specialist and part of my role has been to work within a primary school. This has supported the primary staff but I have benefited by deepening my understanding of different key stages. Coaching staff in a different school has been a good experience and I will be encouraging teaching staff, where possible, to take part in a similar activity.

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Specialist Facilities

Students in primaries have visited the secondary school to use specialist Science facilities. This has wider benefits beyond the curriculum in that students are seeing the “big” school and this may reduce anxiety in transition.

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Curriculum Development

Discussing schemes of work develops a through curriculum and one intended outcome is increased progress in Year 7. The increased knowledge in KS1 and KS2 outcomes can only benefit the KS3 curriculum.

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Economies of Scale

Where used effectively schools can share resources such as minibuses and specialist staff. Having a subject specialist who can be consulted for support within a network is beneficial as they know the schools, the students and have existing relationships with staff. A fresh pair of eyes is always useful but a long term position allows for long term development; issues are identified and the solutions are supported.
These are the highlights of working within a MAT. I am fortunate to work in a setting where the students’ needs come first, demonstrated by a rich curriculum and freedom of choice. I am genuinely excited about the future and seeing how we can further develop cooperative working to improve the outcomes of children.

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