Have you read the brief history of the magic of the “Mathematics Apprenticeship”?

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A few years ago I had a year 6 class which included some very able, enthusiastic and strong-willed learners (the best kind!). They would engage well in maths, unquestionably making great progress and always thriving on challenge. However, I had started to sense that the maths curriculum they were experiencing was missing something. I felt that they needed a different kind of challenge, something more meaningful and more extended, to show them the relevance of this great subject. And thus The Mathematics Apprenticeship was born.

The Mathematics Apprenticeship is comprised of 11 real-life, extended mathematical challenges: from designing a menu for a music festival stall, to analysing football data, to writing security codes for the MI5. Children work in small teams to complete the tasks, organising their time and ideas and holding high-level mathematical conversations. Then, when the work is completed, they must meet the customer to pitch their proposals to him or her.

The resource is delivered on memory sticks: each group has a USB for viewing the tasks and completing their work. There is also a teachers’ USB stick with all the instructions for delivering the tasks.

Over time, I have come to see the power of The Mathematics Apprenticeship for inspiring children (and not just the more able) to become great mathematicians and well-rounded learners. It has given me so many great memories; I hope that it can inspire the children in your class too.

For more information on The Mathematics Apprenticeship, visit alanpeat.com/tma, read garethmetcalfe.wordpress.com or follow @gareth_metcalfe

Primary maths trainer with working Alan Peat, author of The Mathematics Apprenticeship, assistant head, a willing learner

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