The “Magical Maths” #TeamMagicalEducators Page was set up in early 2007 to act as a learning hub for teachers around the world. The success of the Maths Toolkit and Educator Toolkit has led to hundreds of Educators contributing to the site by giving their own personal view on an educational related topic. 

The site receives thousands of unique visits per day, and has developed into a site where teachers of all subjects share resources to aid the development of OUTSTANDING teaching pedagogy.

Make sure to comment and share any of the posts that you find useful or interesting. If you would like to contribute to the Team Magical Educators pages on the site or share a tip on the Educator Tool kit then contact us or read the guest posting instructions for more information.

3 Types of Writing Assignments and How to Deal With Them

College writing assignments come in all shapes and sizes. And since you are going to be doing a lot of ...
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Some of the Best Websites to Help Students with Their Algebra Homework

Making the transition from basics in math to algebra can be a daunting task or some students. Many students struggle ...
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Positive Effects of Joining a Contest of Mathematics

Contests, in addition to promoting an interest in mathematics, help train students for competition. Most of life, for better or ...
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Benefits of Joining An After School Program

Everybody needs teens out of the roads and after school to learn new skills. The issue is there is no ...
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When Your Friends Don’t Help You with Homework: What to Do in Such a Situation?

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How to Make Math Fun and Keep Your Students Engaged

Math class has always been notorious for it's less than exciting lessons but it doesn't have to be this way ...
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4 comments on “#TeamMagicalEducators Posts
  1. adil choudhury says:

    My name is Adil Choudhury. Love the Game Based Learning section of the site. Big fan of using games in maths, makes it way more fun to teach and learn.

    I shall be using the timetable game for my tuition.

    I am thinking of starting my own website and was hoping to get some quick advice. The idea is to help young people young people crack the code to succeeding in maths and overcome any mental barriers they face.

    I wrote my first article but I am trying to improve it so that it is great.
    Is it ok if I send it to you to look at. (I don’t have a twitter account)


  2. Debbie says:

    Hi, I love the formation 5 hands. Can I just use this idea or do I need to buy it?

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