Find a remote maths tutor on line using skype or web cam

A growing trend on line is finding and using a remote Maths tutor via Skype, MSN, FaceTime,  GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Facebook or general web cam. This has allowed parents to choose a Maths tutor from a global market and more often than none get a cheaper rate. You can find a list of on line tutors below and also read through the advantages and disadvantages of being tutored Maths in this way.



  • Global Market of Maths Tutors to choose from
  • Cheaper rates
  • Pupil will be in a safe environment at home
  • Session could be recorded
  • Parent can see exactly what is being taught
  • Set up costs are low
  • Several different applications to choose from i.e.¬†¬†GoToMeeting, Skype, FaceTime and MSN
Maths tutor online web cam skype

Maths tutor online web cam skype


  • Quality of teaching can not be guaranteed
  • You do not get to meet the tutor in person
  • Building of rapport with student can be effected
  • Possible technical problems
  • Time Zone problems

If you have anymore that you want to add or want to be included in the list below please @magicalmaths

Online Tutors available via skype

@magicalmaths based in London

@guidingsymptom based in London

@YourStatsGuru is based in Australia

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