Financial aid shouldn’t be based on income!

Financial aid shouldn’t be based on income!

Financial aid shouldn’t be based on income

Many schoolchildren heard from their peers or teachers that it is possible to study free of charge at a prestigious university and, at the same time, to receive money. But for the most people, it remains a mystery how to get a scholarship or a grant for education. Mainly, there are two types of financial aids: for children from low-income families and for students with high academic achievement. Prevailing part of experts consider the second type to
be fairer because it provides for a direct relationship between the work of the student and the reward. Such a natural selection allows bringing to the forefront the most capable, talented guys and girls, to motivate them for further work.
It’s no secret that teenagers with excellent marks feel very depressed when educational institutions and authorities do not pay attention to them and direct all finances to orphans and kids whose parents earn little. Luckily, today, universities provide enough rewards based on talent and purposefulness. Let’s talk about what to do to get such financial aid.

Who conducts scholarship and grant programs?

In most cases, financial aid for students is provided by:

  • universities that initiate research in a particular industry;
  • the country’s governing bodies or regional representations;
  • Department of Education;
  • private firms that are interested in finding specialists;
  • charitable funds, which cover their educational activities.

Who can pretend to a scholarship or a grant?

First of all, a student needs to understand that the times when only people of brilliant knowledge or children from rich families could study at prestigious universities have already passed. It is necessary to learn that personal abilities in combination with desire and motivation give an opportunity to absolutely all students to take part in beneficial educational programs. As practice shows, committees choose those participants who are among 10% of the best students of a university, take an active part in the conferences and forums, have experience in their speciality, write scientific articles and publish them.

Universal requirements for a candidate for a financial aid
It is difficult but quite real to get a scholarship or a grant that would cover 100% of the cost of education. This requires serious preparation of a student for participation in the program, as well as high academic indicators and active out-of-university development. It's easier to get a
scholarship that covers half of the cost of education. In this case, the requirements are lower, but the costs for housing and food are not included in the amount of financial aid. In general, a candidate can expect to receive a scholarship or a grant if he meets the following
basic criteria:

  • high marks achieved at school and university;
  • participation in competitions and contests;
  • the average score of the certificate not below the level "good" – the mark itself depends on the educational institution and the speciality;
  • high achievements in sports, volunteering, scientific research, creativity, etc.;
    possession of several languages;
  • availability of good characteristics from teachers.

Relying on these requirements, a candidate can assess his chances to receive a scholarship or a grant. As a rule, the list of mandatory criteria is set by the initiator of the funding.

How to get a scholarship: the necessary documents

The collection of documents is a very important stage in the process of applying for a scholarship program. It is worth preparing for it in advance and carefully check all the information. It depends on the correctness of the submitted data, whether the members of the committee will take your candidature for consideration.

So, an approximate list of the necessary documents is as follows:
1. Written application for participation in the program.
2. Autobiography and CV with a full description of the candidate’s achievements.
3. A motivation letter which answers the question: “Why should you become the owner of a scholarship or a grant?”
4. 2 or more letters of recommendation from your mentors with their contact data(teachers/employers).
5. Copies of educational documents (certificates).
6. Other documents that are specified in the program description.

How long does a scholarship or a grant program last?

Scholarship programs for students can be designed for different periods: the shortest – 2 weeks of stay abroad, the longest – 3 years in a foreign or native university. It should be understood that a grant or a scholarship cannot be postponed. Financial aids are issued for a certain period of time.
Also, remember that it is not enough just to become a participant in the scholarship program. You will not receive regular payments if your academic performance will deteriorate. Marks should always be perfect. This is a rather difficult task, especially for young people who plan to
combine education with work.

Sometimes, it’s better to contact the specialists of the reliable essay writing service with a request “Do my homework” than to lose control over a situation and to be deprived of payments for the next semester because of the one paper submitted to a teacher with a delay.

Resources for the search for scholarship programs

How to get a scholarship and where to find information about it? These are the most popular questions from students. If you are looking for such offers on your own, look through the official websites of the universities where you would like to study. If you did not find the necessary information about scholarships and grants there, contact the department of financial support of the educational institution. When searching for worthy offers abroad, visit the websites of the government authorities of the country where you want to travel for study. For example, proposals on scholarships or grants for foreign students can be placed on official pages of the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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