Finally, an answer to that on-line Twitter Facebook viral maths question on Order of Operations! Or is it?

Facebook Math Problem Answer

Finally an answer to that online Twitter/Facebook viral Math question on the order of operations! Or is it? This BODMAS facebook Math question has been driving people online nuts for years and I am sure it will continue to do so for years to come.

Now @Magicalmaths might be a tiny bit guilty of putting out some of these questions and helping with the frenzy. If you are not sure what I am on about take a look at this Maths starter on Order of Operations. Now I am always asked what the answer is to this BODMAS question and my response is always; “It is whatever you want it to be! : )”.

I love the discussions that these types of questions encourage and the arguments and debates it starts online. These discussions are not just limited to social media, in the classroom pupils love to discuss their answers and anticipate who is right and who is wrong. This is why these types of questions make great Math starters. This article was inspired by @Borto7411h  @pudigan @ram032 @tinker_bell0 @misterwootube and a few others who started off a great discussion on one of the questions below. Comments are FREE, please leave one below.

5 + 5 + 5 – 5 + 5 + 5 – 5 + 5 x 0 = ? “(I Bet More People Will Answer It Wrong:P) Give A Try !!”


Order of Operations Maths Question Starter Answer

Order of Operations Maths Question Starter Answer

Facebook Math Problem Explanation

Now the best explanation that was found was the following video (Thanks @misterwootube) on how the process of “order of operations is wrong”! It explores the different ideas and explains at the end that the Order of Operations is not technically wrong as most of the time it will give you the correct answer, however,  it is “morally” wrong as “it turns humans into robots”! Absolutely love it!

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  1. magicalmaths says:

    What are your views and answers?

  2. Mahmoud says:


  3. dani says:

    tell me the answer 9 or 1??

  4. akumissi123 says:

    1 is the answer to this problem… is it right??
    a little tricky but easy…

  5. Cj says:

    Answer is 1. Always brackets first, so 6×4 divided by 8 = 3
    3 outside the brackets x previous answer of 3 =9
    9 divided by 9 =1

  6. Kendra says:

    The answer is 9 not 1.

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