Fighting Bullying Lesson Starter Exercise Plenary

A great task to do in an anti-bullying lesson or in a form class session.


This had a great impact with the class and really had the class engaged and generated some amazing honest discussions.

  1. Give each learner a piece of paper.
  2. Ask them to crumple it up and step on it, crease it, but not to rip it.
  3. Get learners to unfold the paper and straighten it out. Tell them to look  how scarred and dirty it is.
  4. Tell learners to say sorry to the paper and try and straighten it up.
  5. Now discuss, even though they have said sorry and tried to fix the paper, the scars are left behind and will never go away regardless how much they try to fix them.
  6. This is what happens when someone bullies another person, they may say sorry and have regret but the scars stay forever!
  7. Take a look at the learners’ faces!!!
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