The “Magical Maths” Educator Toolkit was set up in early 2007 to act as a learning hub for teachers around the world. The success of the Maths Toolkit led to the introduction of the highly acclaimed Educator Toolkit

The site receives thousands of unique visits per day, and has developed into a site where teachers of all subjects share resources to aid the development of OUTSTANDING teaching pedagogy.

Make sure to comment and share any of the posts that you find useful or interesting. If you would like to be a guest blogger on the site and contribute to the toolkit then contact us.

Top 50 Mini Plenaries

Top 50 Maths mini plenary ideas to use in an outstanding Maths lesson

Mini plenaries - ideas to use in any lesson to demonstrate progress If you are looking for ways to become ...
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Quality of written communication

The importance of “Quality of Written Communication” – QWC – Six steps to Success!

The importance of "Quality of Written Communication"  QWC - Six steps to success In GCSE specifications that require candidates to ...
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questions and answers

Questions and Answers in Teaching, How to deliver outstanding questioning in the classroom?

Question and Answers in teaching, How to deliver outstanding questioning in the classroom? Like with everything in life, keep things ...
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Why you should always have a world map in your class room! Download a free world map image clipart picture

World Map in Your Classroom This blog entry tries to answer the question to why all educators should  have a ...
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Why you should always start the day with a good morning – Good Morning Image Picture Clipart

Good Morning Always start your day with a good morning to your classes. Tell them it is going to be ...
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What is Blooms Taxonomy? How about a list of Bloom Taxonomy Verbs?

Bloom Taxonomy Blooms taxonomy is a process of identifying fundamental questions within the education system that help to delivering effective ...
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