Download a times table chart to help memorize your Math times tables! >> Useful!

Download a times table chart to help memorize your Math times tables! >> Useful!
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Why use a Times table chart?

A times table chart is a resource that should be up in any Mathematics classroom or child’s bedroom. This resource will ensure that learners can refer to the appropriate times table when practising and assessing themselves.

There are also many ways in which to help you memorise your times tables but having a times table chart just make sure that pupils will have “maths on the mind”. The times table chart will always be there, just in case there want to spend a quick couple of minutes revising them or referring to them as part of a bigger Maths problem.

In the classroom I tend to allow learners to have a copy of the times table on their desk or stuck in their exercise books. This is so that they can check or refer to a time table when solving Maths problems. This makes sure that learners can go on to solve larger Maths problems even if they have forgotten one of their Maths times tables. I have also found times table games are a very effective resource  to help aid the practice and memory of times tables. Also for your high ability learners check out the secret to learning your 13 to 20 tables.

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Times Table Chart Resources

There are hundreds of times tables resources available online. I have found that anything that is colourful and interactive helps a great deal. However, why not get your child or learner to make their own resource. This will give them a sense of pride when it is up on the wall or stuck  into their exercise books. It also helps in the memory retention of their times tables.

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You can also download this truly amazing 13-20 times tables race challenge worksheet. Print it off and give it to learners as a starter or get it laminated and reuse on a regular basis. The times table worksheet allows learners to practice their 13 to 20 times tables skills.

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Top 10 Maths Times table chart

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