Don’t forget the gherkin in your classroom when planning your Outstanding OfSTED lesson!

Guest Blogger: @wardgow23

As a trainee teacher, I am always on the lookout for inspirational ideas for lessons.

Whilst reading Ross Morrison McGill’s book “100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding Lessons” I came across an idea which really got me thinking about how I could add a ‘gherkin’ to my lessons.

A gherkin, you ask? Morrison McGill compares a lesson to a burger. Burgers, as you know, are made up of a layer of bread, the burger and then another layer of bread – much like the components of a lesson. What does that burger need to make it that bit tastier – a gherkin (depending on whether you like gherkins!)

This got me thinking about how I could add a gherkin to my lessons, without bringing in a jar of them! A gherkin in a lesson could be, as Morrison McGill writes, the “eureka moment” for students in a lesson, but it could also be something added to a lesson to take it from being a standard, same-old lesson to something which inspires students.

Either way, a colleague of mine made the valid point that too many gherkins could take away the flavour of the main part – were they talking about a lesson or a burger?

Do lessons need a gherkin?

Please leave any comments below.

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