Could this be the best technology resource to use in your Maths lessons?

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Kahoot or not to Kahoot

Trainee Teachers – we go crazy looking for lesson resources.  That’s where OUR hours go. My goodness, what will it be like once we qualify?  Well, here’s one piece of tech I’ve already used in one of our GCSE Maths revision groups in preparation for the summer exam period.

Kahoot! – a free online resource – allows you to create quizzes (the most popular), surveys and discussion for use in class.  Students love it for its gamifying (is that a word? it is now!) quality, as each student/group pit against one another to score points and be top of the leader board.

kahoot in your classroom

I’ve found it to be a nice way to conclude a section of learning too.  Set up one as a novel plenary perhaps, or an energising way to start a lesson.

If you’re not brave enough to create your own content just yet, there are loads to choose from in lots of topics (and not, I should add, just in mathematics).

Do you already use Kahoot in your sessions? or perhaps you’ve found another great resource….tell me tell me!

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  1. Karen says:

    If you like Kahoot you will like Quizziz too! Also checkout Nearpod. Love them all!

    • John Chatterjee-Woolman says:

      oh yes, I’ve had a look at Nearpod, but not had the chance to run it in class. It’s on my list 🙂 I’ll check out Quizziz – I don’t think I’ve heard of that one. Thanks

  2. Melissa Tarte says:

    My 2/3 class played many times last year! Absolutely loved it for every subject area!

  3. Andrew Bennett says:

    I’ve used it in most KLAs…word of warning, don’t over do it. It’s fantastic fun however some students who struggle can get disheartened.

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