Could this be the best Maths Faculty ever! Collaborative Work with the NEW Maths curriculum!

Guest Blogger: @jjtreby

Take a look at the latest state of the collaborative work here.

I have been invited to write a guest blog on the new Maths curriculum and the work that an amazing group of Maths teachers are working on. Ok, it may not be the most glamorous or sexy maths resource, although according to a poster in a colleagues classroom “Maths is Cool” – which was promptly defaced by a student with the addition “…and sexy!”.

Anyway, the twitterati were out one day discussing what to do with the new curriculum as many of us will be teaching it from September (my school will for our current year 8s as they will be first to take the exam). The exam boards etc have been a bit slow off the mark on this one – we need schemes of work and resources! The wonderful @Just_Maths (whose twitter account I have only just seen on a desktop for the first time – it has caricatures of them!) started to coordinate a national meet up of maths teachers. But of course, who actually does the work in schools on schemes of work, maybe every year, but us the maths departments.

So, firstly, why should we all do exactly the same stuff when collectively we can do it together and share it (I know, it’s a bit like the borg collective, but better, and less aggressive) and then I suggested we do it online too!

Mel (just maths) organised a couple of meets and we have put together a good order of content, made it progressive and now the team (over 100 at last count I think, but Mel has the secret list!) are working on what all of those objectives will look like and fleshing it out. I am coordinating all of it on a google site ( ) and people are welcome to contribute. There is some copying and pasting involved and then we will add good resources.

Our aims: freely share good practice! And why should we all be working on the same content in schools at the same time when it can just be done once shared.

Mel also knows the secret handshakes 😉 and may have the exam boards endorsing us! So let us know what you think, help out if you wish and feel free to us it. We are hoping for it to be ready when we all have time to finish it off after our exam classes leave – July would be nice so we are sorted for September.

LLAP, May the Force Be With You.


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One comment on “Could this be the best Maths Faculty ever! Collaborative Work with the NEW Maths curriculum!
  1. Jon.treby says:

    Great stuff!

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