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The best viral factorial BIDMAS BODMAS question starter ever!

factorial bidmas bodmas question

The answer, solution and reasoning to the Factorial BIDMAS question starter  This order of operations question is taking twitter by storm and has been shared hundreds of times on the magical maths timeline. The solution to this question is straight forward

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Imagine if we treated teachers like they were football stars! Pass this on to a teacher!

Teachers like football stars This is a classic buzz feed video about how it would possibly be like if we treated teachers like super stars. It  is pretty funny and needs to be passed on to all your teacher friends

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You will be inspired with this simple way in which this boy dealt with his bullies? WOW!

Beat Bullying in Schools This is truly an inspiring story about how a simple act of kindness changed the way a whole school behaved. This made a great form time discussion and I have also played it as a starter

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Shoe size Math trick explained >> Did you know that your shoes can tell your age?


Guest Blogger: @enyinda14 Shoe Size Math Trick How often do students ask their history instructors “when am I going to use what I’ve learned?” NEVER. How often do students ask their math instructors “when am I ever going to use this?”

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Have you ever been in this Maths teacher nightmare scenario? A must see!

Have you ever been in this Maths Teacher nightmare scenario? A must see! Having been in this scenario many times before this video had me in stitches! It is amazing what we as teachers do when a pupil does not

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‘Rate my Focus’ – understanding and taking ownership to help learning excel in Maths.

focus image picture

Guest Blogger: @MrJPWalton ‘Rate my Focus’ – an idea to help children activate their understanding of, and take ownership of their focus in lessons. This term I have decided to challenge my wonderful Y6 Maths class to develop the amount of time

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Have you thought about using twitter in the classroom? Social media, #hashtags and the Maths classroom!

why every teacher educator should be using twitter

Guest Blogger:  @mr_g_walton Using Twitter In The Classroom So we all use Twitter, right? It’s a great place to share ideas, collaborate in a virtual staff room, find out about events, etc.  But in the run up to the last

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Apparently a child can solve this Math problem in 30 seconds! I bet you will struggle!

Viral Facebook Math Problem This is another classic Math problem that has gone viral on the internet specifically on Facebook and Twitter. However, it doubles up as a great Math problem starter to a lesson that generates great discussion and

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Look Up! Another great piece of performance poetry with a hidden message for your pupils!

Another great piece of performance poetry that can be used as a starter to any lesson, form time or assembly. This emotive video makes the viewer ponder the most important aspects of life and how much time we spend wasting

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Don’t you think that Twitter is the best staffroom ever? So TRUE!

Guest Blogger Tess Maths @tessmaths The wonderful thing about Twitter… Twitter’s a wonderful thing… I have to admit I was Twitter-phobic to start with. I hadn’t got the time…it’s not my thing….it’s a gimmick…I had real friends, not followers…the idea that students

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Top 5 reasons why every teacher or educator should be using the power of Twitter! #retweetfrenzy

First of all watch the video “Not feeling inspired lately“, this normally does the trick when trying to sell Twitter to your fellow colleagues. I usually use it as a quick starter to any training session or twilight to inspire teachers

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Finally, an answer to that on-line Twitter Facebook viral maths question on Order of Operations! Or is it?

Facebook Math Problem Answer Finally an answer to that online Twitter/Facebook viral Math question on the order of operations! Or is it? This BODMAS facebook Math question has been driving people online nuts for years and I am sure it

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Top 5 ways in which you can follow and contribute to the magical maths community #teammagicalmaths

So do you want to be part of #teammagicalmaths!! Below are a number of different ways in which you can contribute to the community and be part of #teammagicalmaths Please share and encourage your colleagues or other educators to follow. Also, if

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Working out online: Mathematics, learning analytics and Inner loop learning.

When I was in the classroom, I used to tell students that if two students had exactly the same answers to a GCSE paper, some right, some wrong, then the one who showed their working out would get the better

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Did you hear what that teacher said about you on twitter? #edchat #ukedchat

One of the best hastags to follow as a teacher is the  #edchat #ukedchat tags. Some amazing discussions and debates can be read and participated in every day. As a new teacher or trainee this is a hast tag or subject

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