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Have you thought about having a classroom Maths Makeover?


#teammagicalmaths @MrGordonMaths Have you thought about having a classroom Maths Makeover?  So much of our dead wall space in classrooms can be used to inspire students. We have had a amazing response from students and staff after the work carried out

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Oh no, not another multiplication method!! #vedic

vedic method multiplication

tessmaths A Vedic multiplication method For some students the column method for long multiplication is enough for them to master. This equips them with a skill to use and apply in ever increasing magnitude even up to multiplying by eleventy

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Interrupting Won’t Save Time: Top 7 Rules To Make Groupwork Work!

groupwork image clipart

Guestblogger: thenumberverse 7 Rules To Make Group work Work It’s the Easter holidays. The harsh Devon wind blasts my ears back as I walk my two young children across the car park into the entrance of the Bear Feet soft play

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Develop the art of story telling by understanding how telling a story affects the brain! WOW!

How does story telling affect the brain

The art of story telling I came across this info graphic on twitter and have shared it with all my followers and the feedback has been immense. I always love starting a lesson or the day with a story of

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Using traffic lights as an assessment of learning tool in the class room! Reflect on progress!

trafic light cups to assess pupil progress

Guestblogger: @tamstar79 Assessment of Learning Recently I attended a school presentation on students reflecting on their learning. There were lots of great ideas on how to provide the opportunity for students to self reflect. The challenge for me was to think of

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The answer to creating the “The Perfect Maths Lesson”! @IanLoynd

perfect maths

Guestblogger: @IanLoynd A Perfect Maths Lesson Teachers have the most important job in the world. At a time when expectations and accountability are at an all-time high, delivering excellence in the classroom has never been more difficult. And this is true

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The magic of teaching and learning! Teach teachers how to create magic! Take a bow @chrisemdin!

“Magic can be taught! Magic can be taught!” – It sure can! I came across this TED video today and I felt that it clearly deserves a post entry on Magical Maths. Christopher Emdin discusses how rap shows, barbershop banter

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Changing Education from the ground up – Sir Ken Robinson >> Another MUST WATCH!

You have probably seen Ken Robinson’s TED video on how to escape education’s death valley and have been impressed with what he argues. Below is a RSA video showing Ken Robinson discussing his views on how to  change education from

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Top 5 steps to improved leadership and successful learning conversations?

assessment for learning

#teammagicaleducator: @signpostcoach Have you seen the top 5 steps to improved leadership and successful learning conversations?  Using the coaching model to prepare teachers for leadership roles and conversations All this and more has been part of our school development for the

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The best way to crack Level 6 Maths at Primary School KS2! >> Great Advice!


Guest blogger: @tambotaylor Level 6 Maths Two years ago I took over as headteacher of Park Hill Primary school in Coventry and like all schools it had its strengths and areas for development. One particular area that needed fine tuning was

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Top 5 strategies to respond to pupil learner student answers of questions in the classroom? Useful summary guide!

Below is a useful summary of how to respond to pupil answers in the classroom. It is very important that as educators we can handle pupil responses effectively and maximise outcomes. We need to make sure we demonstrate that we

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Top 15 and half activities to demonstrate progress in your lessons?


Top 15 and half activities to demonstrate progress in your lessons? Below are some summaries of useful ways to demonstrate progress in your lessons across all subjects, especially if you planning to use the accelerated learning cycle and want are

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What is the Accelerated Learning Cycle in Teaching Learning? Finally a Summary of ALC!

accelerated learning cycle image

The Accelerated Learning Cycle is based on the work of Alastair Smith and ALITE, amongst other educational professionals. It stems from the idea of a supportive and challenging learning environment. The cycle has active engagement through multi-sensory learning, encourages the

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How do I work effectively with my Teaching Learning Support Assistant in the classroom?

Support Teacher Learning Assistant

How do I work effectively with my Teaching Learning Support Assistant in the classroom?  Making sure that you work effectively with your Teacher Assistant  or Learning Support Assistant is paramount to success in the classroom. There are many things to

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The best 7 ways to take a brain break! Did you know that brains need breaks?


If you are struggling to get your learners to focus at any point in your lesson it could be because pupils simply need breaks ,in particular their brains! Learners on average have 5-6 hours of learning time across many different

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