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Have you read the brief history of the magic of the “Mathematics Apprenticeship”? —

Guestblogger: @gareth_metcalfe A few years ago I had a year 6 class which included some very able, enthusiastic and strong-willed learners (the best kind!). They would engage well in maths, unquestionably making great progress and always thriving on challenge. However, I had started to sense that the maths curriculum they were experiencing was missing something. I [...]

Have you seen the top 5 steps to improved leadership and successful learning conversations? —

Guestblogger: @signpostcoach Using the coaching model to prepare teachers for leadership roles and conversations 1. Using the wheel of life approach to identify key leadership skills and practises. Identifying 8 areas of leadership one for each quadrant on the wheel and dividing each quadrant according to how successful you feel in that area. 2. Identifying personal [...]