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Have you seen Qwizdom Oktopus? The Student Collaboration Software!


Guestblogger: TanyaDeMots Introduction: What is Oktopus? Oktopus is a multi-purpose software designed for touch displays, interactive whiteboards and projectors. Just like its cephalopod mollusk namesake, Oktopus is able to reach out and grab student attention from many directions. Extending its long

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Take this quiz to find out which revision methods are most suitable for you.

Hello Magical Maths users. Do you ever feel that your students’ revision methods are not enough? Do you feel that what they are doing can only themyou so far? If so, then worry no more because the brains at Revision

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A boy and his Atom, the smallest animation ever. This is cool!!

science education tools

A boy and his Atom This is a movie animation made solely from Atoms!! This would make a great starter to any science lesson on Atoms or an ICT lesson on animation. The video shows a movie that now holds

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I bet you will want to go swimming after watching this digital water simulation video! Wow!

This is an amazing video showing a new fluid simulation technique, using Position Based Dynamics approach. The water looks so real, so it is hard to believe that this is just a digital simulation of water. This would make a

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The coolest science video ever, get those pupils engaged in science experiments!

I think this is truly an amazing video to get learners engaged into science and in particular science experiments. Watch a a load of stuff fizzle, pop, expand, and explode all in the name of science. WARNING!!!! DO NOT TRY THIS

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Can you name 6 famous women scientists not including Marie Curie? :: UPDATED ::

Famous Women Scientists  Can you name 6 famous women scientists not including Marie Curie? This is a tough question to answer as everyone knows the famous female scientist Marie Curie but not many no any others. Hear are a few

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The best star and night sky video you will ever see, awesome

Namibian Nights, The best star and night sky video you will ever see, awesome. This is an amazing video with each second of video consisting of 30 photographs. “Namibia has some of the darkest nights visible from any continent. It

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Download FREE Science Chemistry Biology Physics Images Clipart

Download FREE Science Chemistry Biology Physics Images I am always asked about FREE Science Clip arts and pictures that can be used for power points and presentations. I have a whole range of Science images stored, just mail me your requirements

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