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WOW! Download the iVisualiser app and turn your Ipad into a visualiser! —

GuestBlogger: @alanpeat Download the iVisualiser App and turn your Ipad into a Visualiser iVisualiser is the perfect presentation tool for both education and industry alike. Carefully designed to be incredibly simple to use, iVisualiser is a powerful app for collaboration, still-image AND live video annotation …and review. I’ve (Alan Peat) been running INSET and presenting at […]

The Top 3 Benefits of Video 4 Learning, worth sharing! —

This guest post was written by Eddie Woo, a high school mathematics teacher from Sydney, Australia who films his lessons and publishes them for free on Youtube. Youtube: Twitter: @misterwootube  Facebook: When I started out as a teacher in 2008, video felt like the domain of experts. The equipment, software and skills required to produce […]