Calling all English teachers! The Top 10 funny puns in the world! The second is the best bad pun!

Pun Definition

A Pun is “a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word” or “the fact that there are words which sound a like but have several meanings”.

Funny Puns

Everyone likes a funny pun, so here is calling all English teachers to come and judge the best from this set of bad puns below! We have tried to create the top 10 puns in the world below! The second one is definitely my favourite! There are some great books on the funny world of puns available on the web that will give you hours of laughter.

The pictures can double up as a great starter to any English lesson or lesson on puns.

Comments are FREE, so please leave one below. Which one do you like?

Top 10 funny puns

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  1. Lakshmi Margaret says:

    Tne night I lost control is very good. It could bring smiles to my face instantly.

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