Are your 2021 GCSE Grades Not What You Expected?

Learning from home, lockdowns, then back into school. It’s been a strange time for students.  

We understand that it’s been a tough year for everyone, and especially for our students. Covid-19 brought many changes which resulted in GCSE grades being based on teacher assessments and subject performance. For some, this may have worked well, for others they may have wished that the standardised exams were brought back. 

GCSE results are due to be published on Thursday 12th August 2021.  

Whatever the outcome may be of your GCSEs it should be important to note that this past years unprecedented events have affected and disrupted your education, therefore whatever your grades you should be incredibly proud of yourselves. Do not panic, there are always options for whatever path you wish to take.

Didn’t achieve the GCSE grades that you wanted? Consider these options instead:

GCSE Resits

Did coursework bring your grades down? No problem. It’s not needed during the 2021 GCSE resit!

Due to the cancelled summer exams, in the autumn term of 2021 optional GCSE exams will be taking place. This may provide a boost to your grades if you were dissatisfied with the grade given by your teacher assessments. These optional exams will be available for all GCSE subjects, so if there was a subject you were particularly unhappy about, you’ll be able to take an exam without the need to submit any other coursework or classwork. 

Appealing your grades

Unhappy with the way your teachers and tutors have graded you over this past year?  

Perhaps a teacher didn’t go through the correct grading procedure and so resulting in bias, or maybe there was an admin error. Grades can also be challenged if the circumstances of the student were not considered – i.e., student’s mental health issues or bereavement. 

As a result of the pandemic, if you are unhappy with the grades given to you this year it is important to know that every student has the right to appeal their grades due to the teacher-based assessments. 

Change your subject

Did you achieve an average of 7+ in your subjects and one subject is graded at 1? Or maybe your online language GCSE classes just didn’t work. Maybe it’s time to change.

Once you have received your grades, there may be some subjects where you performed exceptionally well and others not as great. Or maybe you have been rethinking your career path and want to study a subject that would better facilitate that change. As long as you are willing to put in the work to meet the entry requirements of your chosen courses, then you should consider changing your subject to get the grades you want.

And if you’re still unsure, then consider a wide variety of subjects – these are the main facilitating subjects: maths, sciences, English, history, geography, and languages.

Change your sixth form  

Original sixth form not accepting you? Maybe it’s time to change.

There are many other great sixth forms to choose from, maybe you just hadn’t considered them yet. These other sixth forms may have similar courses that you would be interested in and may accept you with the grades you received on results day (without the need for any resits or retakes). 

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has changed everything, especially regarding your education. This has been a time of great uncertainty and we know that everyone is doing the best that they can to manage their studies during this time. Whatever it is that may have caused you to not perform as expected, whether it was remote learning, lockdowns, or examination style. 

Don’t worry as there are options after your GCSE results to get to where you want to be. 

Take this time to think over your options carefully and consider what’s best for you.  

And remember to stay safe and good luck with your future studies!

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