Apparently a child can solve this Math problem in 30 seconds! I bet you will struggle!

Viral Facebook Math Problem

This is another classic Math problem that has gone viral on the internet specifically on Facebook and Twitter. However, it doubles up as a great Math problem starter to a lesson that generates great discussion and debate. It is said and I do not have the evidence of this that children can solve this far better than adults, and on average children find the solution within 30 seconds.

Please do not reveal the answer to anyone once you have solve it, just share it to annoy others : )

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Math problem: What is the missing number under the arrow?

apparently a child can solve this problem in 30 seconds


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  1. Angelos says:

    If you look closely at the occurrences of 8 in the array of numbers, you will see that 8 is actually upside down, which means that the entire array is upside down.
    Place it correctly and you will have the sequence: 86, ?, 88, 89, 90, 91 where ? is the missing number. It transpires now that this is 87.
    I solved it in 4 seconds.

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