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Welcome to Maths – A new display for our Maths corridor!

#teammagicalmaths @MrsKimMcKee Welcome to Maths - a new display for our Maths corridor I’ve always loved putting up classroom displays. A ...
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facebook all about me

Have You Seen This First Lesson Back “All About Me” Social Media Resource?

#teammagicalmaths @missmcintyre15 Have You Seen This First Lesson Back "All About Me" Social Media Resource? I am a primary teacher in ...
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bad at maths

Top 3 Tips To Get Rid Of ‘I-am-bad-at-Math’ Syndrome

#teammagicalmaths @LRLabs Top 3 Tips To Get Rid Of 'I-am-bad-at-Math' Syndrome Children’s doubt towards their own math abilities often becomes a ...
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kahoot in your classroom

Could this be the best technology resource to use in your Maths lessons?

#teammagicalmaths @cyfareddwr @littlegreenmath Kahoot or not to Kahoot Trainee Teachers - we go crazy looking for lesson resources.  That's where OUR ...
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Have you tried Formation 5 and example 5 hands in your lessons yet?

#teammagicaleducator @Geoisamazing What inspired me to create formation 5 and example 5 hands? I have always found Geography to be a ...
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shanghai maths

The Introduction Of Mastery At KS2

#teammagicalmaths @andylutwyche The Introduction Of Mastery At KS2 Earlier this week (12.7.16) Minister of State for Schools Nick Gibb announced that ...
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