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roger bannister 4 minute mile

If Carlsberg did school assemblies

Guestblogger: PaulWat5 My Best Assembly For new teachers it is a challenge to face, for those longer in the tooth often ...
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Children don’t always choose what’s best for them

The thinking behind DoodleMaths

Guestblogger: DoodleMaths I’m delighted to have been asked by the lovely people at Magical Maths to guest blog a little about ...
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Have you ever tried Maths with Stormtroopers or Barbies?

#teammagicaleducator: PeterMadelaine Maths should be fun for everybody I “got” arithmetic at an early age. In my early teens, one of ...
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Oh no, not another multiplication method!! #vedic

tessmaths A Vedic multiplication method For some students the column method for long multiplication is enough for them to master ...
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place values cups 1

These cups should have a place in any classroom! Making the ordinary extraordinary!

#TeamMagicalEducators: tessmaths These cups should have a place in any classroom! Making the ordinary extraordinary... This picture was one I picked ...
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Guy Claxton Educating Ruby

Educating Ruby – Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas

Guest blogger: GuyClaxton Educating Ruby The school curriculum consists of several different kinds of things: things that are intrinsically interesting (to ...
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