9 easy techniques to solve any math problem quickly!!

9 easy techniques to solve any math problem quickly!!

“Mathematics is not about equations, numbers, algorithms, and computations. It is about understanding.”

Mastering math technique not only helps the students to do math quickly, but it also develops greater confidence within them, sharpens their math skills, and deepens their understanding in math.

“Its math test time. Goodbye, calculators!”

9 easy techniques to solve any math problem quickly!!

If you are not allowed to carry calculators in the math tests, then you have to rely on some math techniques to solve complicated math problems with speed and ease. It can make the calculation less daunting. Instead of depending upon the calculators, students adopt some interesting strategies which can improve their estimation skills and concentration.

When you are attending a quiz session, you must submit all the answers quickly. Here, we will discuss nine techniques to assist the students in solving math problems faster.

#Technique 1:   How to add large numbers?

You can add the large numbers in your head. But this is difficult as well as time-taking. Here, you will show you how to simplify the addition by turning the numbers a multiple of 10.

Some numbers are hard to deal with. If you can round them up, the numbers will be more manageable.

For example,

Q) 746+ 187


Suppose you have only a few seconds of time to solve this! What will you do? Rather than solving it in a conventional way (from right to left), learn this trick.

Here we go-


Round up both the numbers by making them multiple of 10.

So, 746 turns into 750 and 187 become 190


Add 750 and 190 together. The total would be 940.


This is not the answer to the original equation. Hence, determine how much you have added to the numbers for rounding them up.

750-746= 4 and 190-187=3


Add two remaining results together 4 and 3. The total is 7


This is the final step. Subtract 7 from 940 to detect the answer of the original addition.


Hence, the answer is 746+187=937

#Technique 2:  How to Subtract 3 digit numbers from 1,000 quickly?

This is one of the simplest techniques you can apply while doing a quick calculation.

When you are subtracting a three-digit number from 1000, the basic rule is to subtract the final number (the extreme right) from 10 & subtract the rest numbers from 9 individually.

For example,

1,000- 737

Step 1: Subtract 7 from 9=2

Step 2: Subtract 3 from 9=6

Step 3: Subtract 7 from 10= 3

Hence, the answer is 263.

#Technique 3:  How to multiply any number with 5 without knowing the table?

What will happen if you forget the table? Or Do not sure about the answer while multiplying in a hurry?

If you multiply any number with 5, then the scenario is quite different. It is even not necessary to know the multiplication table of 5 if you follow this technique.

  • Multiplying 5 by an even number

As an example,

Q) 5 X 6

Step 1:

Consider the number which is multiplied by 5 and make it half. Here, 6 digits are being multiplied by 5, and it becomes 3.

Step 2:

Put a zero to the number to find out the answer. In this instance, the answer is 30.

So, the answer is 5 x 6 = 30

  • Multiplying 5 by an odd number

For instance,

Q) 5 X 7

Step 1: Subtract one from the digit being multiplied by 5. Here, 7 turns into 6.
Step 2: Now, you have to cut it half. Here, this 6 becomes 3.

Step 3: Place 3 in the first place and make 5 the last one.

Then, the answer is 5 x 7 = 35

#Technique 4:  Squaring any two-digit numbers ending with 5

A square is an outcome of multiplying any number by itself. Squaring two digit numbers is quite difficult. Every student invests a little more time on this kind of problem in the math tests. However, the time slot for most of the online math tests is very low.

So, you must master a unique technique to find out the answer quickly. Squaring the two-digit numbers that end with 5 is easier if you only follow two or three math tricks.

1st Step:

You can always place 25 at the end of the product.

2nd Step:

You must multiply the first digit with itself after adding 1 with it.

For instance, if you are given 85 squared, you must solve it like the following method:

85 squared = [8 x (8 + 1)] & 25

8 x 9 & 25

72 & 25


Hence, 85 squared= 7225

This is how; a time-consuming multiplication can turn out to be an easy one with this magical math trick.

#Technique 5:  How to calculate the squaring of a two-digit number ending with 1 easily?

Working out on the multiplication of the squared two-digit numbers is an arduous process. Only an effective short cut can save your time. You have to make sure the last digit is 1. The students need to follow four vital steps to find out the short cut.

As an example,

Q) 612

  • Step 1: Subtract 1 from the two-digit number, which is given to you for calculation. Here, 61 – 1 = 60
  • Step 2: Square the number which has become comparatively easier: 60 x 60 = 3600
  • Step 3: Now, add 60 with the resulting square two times: 3600 + 60 + 60 = 3720
  • Step 4: As in the 1st step, you have subtracted 1, so now in the final step you also have to add 1 with the remaining result. : 3720 + 1 = 3721

This shortcut abolishes the complications surrounding the second digit. It allows the students to calculate the squaring easily as the number turns into a multiple of 10.

#Technique 6:  What tricks to follow for multiplying any number by 9 quickly?

The math students, however, brilliant they are, get tensed when they solve maths question papers. Besides, they tend to misplace numbers and forget some formula while solving the problems.

Suppose you cannot recall the 9 times table in the exam hall, an easy method will help you to solve it correctly.

How does it work? Scroll down!

This method can be applied for the one-digit number, which is multiplied by 9.

Let’s take an example of 9 x 8

  • First, cut off 1 from the number which is being multiplied by 9

Here: 8 – 1 = 7

Number 7 would be the first number to place in answer to the equation.

  • Secondly,

Cut off that number from 9. In this instance, 9 – 7 = 2

Put the result in the second place. It is the second number in the equation.

So, the final answer would be 9 x 8 = 72

#Technique 7:  How do doubling and halving help to multiply two integers?

When you have to multiply two integers, you need not spend much time on the calculation. If you follow a unique technique, you will take lesser time to solve the problem.

You can speed up the multiplication if one number is an even number.

You have to halve the even number and double up the other number.

You can continue the process until the equation becomes manageable or you cannot halve the even integer,

Check out this example to adopt the whole process:

Example: Q) 53 x 32

  • 53 x 32
  • 106 x 16
  • 212 x 8
  • 424 x 4
  • 848 x 2
  • 1696 x 1
  • 1696

The answer would be 53 x 32 = 1696

The only requirement to successfully solve the equation by following this technique is the 2 times table.

#Technique 8:  Can one calculate percentage easily with any trick?

You must develop cross multiplication skills to solve these types of problems. If you can master this math skill, then there is an easier way to find out percentages.

Let’s go through the following example,

If the students want to find out what 45 % of 225 is, they will have to multiply the two numbers together by following cross multiplication. Then, they must move the decimal place and put it two digits to the left.

In this case, 225 x 45 = 10125

After placing the decimal at the right place, the answer would be 101.25, which is the accurate answer.

This shortcut is indeed a time-saver at the math quiz sessions and online math tests.

#Technique 9:  Division tricks to solve some math problems easily!

These division tricks will surely help you in the math tests to find a route of the problem solution. It is a quick way to know when you can divide a number evenly by certain numbers:

  • A number that ends with 0, then it can always be divided by 10
  • How will you know a number is divisible by 9 or not? You have to add all the digits and need to detect whether the total is evenly divisible by 9
  • If the last digits are 000 or evenly divisible by 8, then the number can also be divided by 8.
  • You can divide a number by 6 if it meets two parameters. Firstly. It has to be an even number. Secondly, the total of all the digits is divisible by 3.
  • You can divide any number by 5 ending with a 0 or 5.
  • A number that ends with 00 is divisible by 4. If the last two digits of the number can be divisible by 4, then also we can divide the number by 4 as a whole.
  • One can divide a number by 3, when the result of the all added digits is evenly divisible by 3
  • If the numbers end with 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, then we can divide the numbers by 2.

Hope these 9 techniques can guide the students to tackle tricky math questions. Practicing these techniques helps one to construct logical and critical thinking. These can also be stated as ‘mental math exercise.’

However, you can grasp all the math tricks at a time. You may face many hurdles to solve the math problem correctly. Besides, some students also have no time to invest their thinking about learning these tricks. They can acquire MyMathLab answers from the online math experts to submit 100% error-less answers within minutes. This is a more relaxing process and probably the best one to get excellent marks without giving much time and hard work!

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