5 Tips for Writing a Stellar Research Paper in Mathematics

5 Tips for Writing a Stellar Research Paper in Mathematics

Mathematics. How charming this word is. For thousands of years, people study it, research, make investigations, put forward theories, and solve problems in such a brilliant way that other mathematicians believe that this is art. Unfortunately, for most people, math is just a subject at school, which they prefer to pass and forget. For those who are in love with math, there is another problem, how to enter the world of science and express yourself as a professional. Unluckily, the times of correspondence between scientists are gone. It is impossible to write the problem on the margins of the letter like Fermat did and became one of the most significant problems for a few centuries. Before you are able to have your own voice in science, you need to pass all steps, and writing research papers is among them.

There are 5 tips to make it easier, but anyway you should remember that the main part of every mathematics research is research itself but not a form.

  1. Make a timetable. People who are fond of math are almost addicted persons. They never forget to research, but always forget to give a form to this research. You should understand that research paper is not your huge amount of drafts, where you used a red marker to highlight the main thought and perfect solution. A research paper is a structured and logical text with rules. Therefore, the schedule will help you with planning your time not to forget every step of writing.
  2. Try to use as more modern resources as possible. There is a proverb, says that great minds think alike. There are many known facts that in different countries at the same time scientists make the same discoveries. They worked separately and used different approaches to solving the problem, but the result was the same. Unlike us, they had an explanation. They didn’t have internet or emails. But we have all of this. Therefore, if you will present your titanic job, which you are proud of and someone will say that saw the same research in another scientific magazine, it will be a disaster. So, first, discover the current situation of the topic you choose.
  3. Use as much help as possible. Remember, that your mentor spent much more time studying mathematics. Maybe in some intermediate result, he will see more impressive next step. Don’t be afraid to talk about your research with your colleagues or college friends. It is possible that some of them are working with a similar problem, and together, you will have a synergistic effect. If you need immediate help with your assignment, and your professor is not available, you can always address a high-quality academic paper writing service which will write your research paper on time.
  4. Use Mathematics or the Wolfram Language for equations, figures, and forms. Your paper will have a more professional look than without using them. In MS Word there is inside instrument called MS Equation. You can also use it. Remember, that only specialist will read your paper, so you don’t need to make footnotes to explain known theorems or lemmas. To be sure that you didn’t skip some necessary explanation, give your paper to read to your mathematician friend.
  5. Use common structure instructions for research paper. There should be a title, an abstract, an introduction, a body, a conclusion and a list of sources. It works to every paper, but mathematician research paper has one big difference that sounds ‘Fewer words, more symbols.’

Try your best in writing! Use the tips above, and we believe that your paper will be stellar. But there is one more remark. If you are a scientist but not a writer, use the proofreading and spend this vacant time for more research because Mathematics is a Queen of Science and every new study is a step of development of our society.

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