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Learning Times Tables

Caroline Mukisa from the Maths Insider website has recently launched 31 Days to Faster Times Tables, a program designed to help busy parents guide their children to faster, more confident in learning times tables.

Caroline explains further, “So many people, friends, acquaintances and more recently blog readers were asking me over and over about how to improve their children’s times tables skills, so I’ve used my experiences as a Math teacher, former Kumon instructor and mother of 4 to design a straightforward and flexible times tables program”

Learning times tables

Only 31 Days for learning times tables effectively

The 31 Days to Faster Times Tables program combines worksheets, audio and practical activities and games, which when used for 10-15 minutes per day, will help parents guide their children to times tables success.

Find out more about 31 Days to Faster Times Tables HERE

If you enjoyed using the resource above then make sure to check out the games and tricks available to help develop, practice and learn times tables skills.

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