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What does SMSC mean? What is SMSC in schools and teaching?

SMSC stands for Spiritual Moral Social & Cultural. These are areas that should be covered and more importantly embedded into any school curriculum. These are things that OfSTED are currently looking out for when they go into a school which wants to be

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Teaching, the profession that creates all other professions

Teaching, the profession that creates all other professions

Teaching, the profession that creates all other professions I came across this meme from Tieks and I found the message very impactful! I think it is a message that everyone needs to remember and share with others.

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Why you should always start the day with a good morning – Good Morning Image Picture Clipart


Good Morning Always start your day with a good morning to your classes. Tell them it is going to be  a great day, mention the weather, talk about how brilliant they are, remind them that they matter and every day

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Did you hear what that teacher said about you on twitter? #edchat #ukedchat

One of the best hastags to follow as a teacher is the  #edchat #ukedchat tags. Some amazing discussions and debates can be read and participated in every day. As a new teacher or trainee this is a hast tag or subject

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Have you been quoted using the quote your teacher hash tag? #quoteyourteacher

I came across the quote your teacher hash tag on twitter that pupils are using to quote us teachers. We do say the most funniest things : ) Well, I was smiling until I realised that I had made it

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Ideas for new years resolutions

Whatever you decide as this year’s new years’ resolutions the main focus should be to change habits in your life. By changing a habit is to change an aspect of your life that your mind is so engineered to that

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Starter : Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?

I find the 1 minute physics videos make great starters to generate interesting discussions and debates. The “Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?” video is a funny explanation which engages learners before any lesson!

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Why you should always remember to thank a teacher >> Thank you teacher

Thank you teacher Always remember to say “thank you teacher” ! #alwaysremembertothankateacher The cartoonist Chan Lowe created the image on this post. He also wrote the following, on his blog: “Never has the dedication of the people who practice the teaching

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Starter: A great way to start probability – The Happy Birthday Problem

The Happy Birthday problem! This is a great way to start probability! I call it the Happy Birthday Problem and it can be done as a starter or plenary to engage students in the wonderful world of probability. I survey

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Blooms Taxonomy Explained According to Seinfeld


The 6 Levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, as demonstrated through various episodes of Seinfeld. This would be a great video to use for CPD and twilight training sessions. You might not want to use the whole video but use various parts

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Homework exam cheat and answers :: UPDATED ::

Recently, I was shocked to find so many websites out there that charge for the service of doing your homework by either doing it of pupils or giving them the answers . I have listed a series of websites below

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How to cheat on a Maths exam or test? How to pass any exam or test revealed!

Find help for exams or schoolwork The other day I caught a pupil cheating in a Maths exam in a very clever way! I thought I would share a number of videos that I have found on the web encouraging

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How to pass any exam

This blog entry is really a warning to all teachers and exam invigilators about the product below. A very sly way in which to cheat and pass any exam! I caught a learner using one of these the other day but

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How to improve the teaching of Mathematics!

magic with numbers

How to improve the teaching of Mathematics! This is a great video showing how we could possibly improve the teaching of Mathematics! A great watch! “Time for our Mathematics to change from Analog to Digital!” Someone always asks the Math

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Starter showing a visual proof of Pythagoras’ Theorem

Pythagoras Theorem hypotenuse hippopotenuse

This is a great Maths Starter or Plenary showing a visual proof of Pythagoras’ theorem. I normally show this after the lesson where I have shown learners an algebraic proof Pythagoras’ theorem. There are several versions of this proof available

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