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What are the vulnerable groups acronyms in teaching?

Teachers live in a world were Acronyms are used on a day to day basis. Here a few common definitions; What does ST mean in teaching? LEA Statement What does SAP mean in teaching? School Action Plus What does SA

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Teaching Acronym: What does LCA mean?

Local Authority Cared After

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Teaching Acronym : What does Raise Online Stand for?

Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through School Self-Evaluation Online

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Success is not always what you see

success is not always what you see
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Did you know there is an I in TEAM?

  I had to blog this as this image is just amazingly funny. There is an “I” in team.!!!

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Formative Assessment – Norm referenced assessment and ipsative assessment.

Within formative assessment there are norm referenced assessment, criterion referenced assessment and “ipsative” assessment. Assessment defined as “Non reference” is where a learner is compared to another set of learners. An example of this “diagnostic” approach is CATS tests where

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Do you know the 10 Principles of Assessment For Learning? :: UPDATED ::


Do you know the 10 Principles of Assessment For Learning? This has recently been updated with an image from tweeting teacher. Please share and comment below. The ten principles of assessment for learning to guide classroom practice identified by the

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