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What is the national numeracy strategy? —

 The national numeracy project defines numeracy as “knowing about numbers and number operations” The policy states that numerate pupils should be confident in numeracy without immediately going to teachers or friends for help. In summary they should; Have a sense of the size of a number and how it fits into the number system Know […]

How do I deal with emergency cover lessons? —

Although nowadays schools have cover supervisors, it is sometimes necessary for teaching staff to deal with emergency cover. The following advice and strategies on  how to manage a classroom when doing a cover lesson might be useful; Spend 5 mins at the beginning of the lesson to talk to the learners informally about their subject and their […]

How do I set homework for my pupils? —

Homework is paramount to ensure learners consolidate learning in the classroom. Through observing other teachers and advice I have developed the following strategies when setting homework; Do not set homework for the sake of setting homework Homework should consolidate learning in the classroom Make sure you set a maximum amount of time that is spent […]