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What’s invisible? More than you think – John Lloyd

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This is a great video that triggers great discussion during a form session. What do we actually know! Gravity. The stars in day. Thoughts. The human genome. Time. Atoms. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible

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What are the overview of consultation on GCSE reform changes ?

The government published its consultation on the reform of GCSE exams on 17 September. The main proposals are as follows: Qualifications will be linear with assessment done at the end of the course. The government’s preferred option is to have

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Fighting Bullying Lesson Starter Exercise Plenary

A great task to do in an anti-bullying lesson or in a form class session.   This had a great impact with the class and really had the class engaged and generated some amazing honest discussions. Give each learner a

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Mathematics Number Puzzle Extension Puzzle – Langford Problem

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This is a great problem to extend KS3 learners!! Langford problem: 1 , 1 ,2, 2 ,3, 3 rearrange the numbers so that the 1s are 1 apart, 2s are 2 apart and 3s are 3 apart Solution: 3 1

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Mathematics Number Starter Extension puzzle – Planet Problem

This is one of my favourite extension puzzles or starter; Where on the planet? 1) MOVE 1KM South 2) MOVE 1KM EAST 3) MOVE 1KM NORTH We are now back at our starting position! Answers below;  

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Mathematics Number Starter Extension Puzzle – Calculator 3 Digits

1) Put any 3 digit number in your calculator 2) Now put in the same 3 digits to make a 6 digit number e.g  721 721 Now Divide by 7 Divide by 11 Divide 13 Explain your answer!!! : )

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Mathematics number starter – Fun with a calculator 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

Before a Calculator lesson as a starter I like getting learners to have fun with their resource. I get them to enter the following into their calculators and watch their amazement when they see the answer. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 =

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Educating your child the right way

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Cycling Squares Problem! A Maths Lesson Starter for Square Numbers

properites of whole numbers

Cycling Squares Problem This is a great starter for lessons on sets of numbers that involves learners utilising their high level thinking and problem solving skills. The worksheet below in conjunction with the video can be used so that learners

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How do I deal with child protection issues at school?

All staff have a full and active part to play in protecting pupils from harm. School child protection policies vary but predominantly the aims are summarised below; To support the child’s development in ways that will foster security, confidence and

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What is the national numeracy strategy?

 The national numeracy project defines numeracy as “knowing about numbers and number operations” The policy states that numerate pupils should be confident in numeracy without immediately going to teachers or friends for help. In summary they should; Have a sense

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Everybody is a genius Says Albert Einstein

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How do I deal with emergency cover lessons?

Although nowadays schools have cover supervisors, it is sometimes necessary for teaching staff to deal with emergency cover. The following advice and strategies on  how to manage a classroom when doing a cover lesson might be useful; Spend 5 mins at the

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How do I set cover work when teacher is absent?

Teacher absence is sometimes unavoidable but it is paramount to phone in and set cover work for learners. Cover work should; Be set the night before absence or by phoning in the morning as soon as possible. The cover work

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How do I set homework for my pupils?

Homework is paramount to ensure learners consolidate learning in the classroom. Through observing other teachers and advice I have developed the following strategies when setting homework; Do not set homework for the sake of setting homework Homework should consolidate learning

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